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Leasing vs. Buying

Improve your cash flow and lower monthly payments with the freedom of business car and truck fleet leasing. Leasing gives you the flexibility to choose a vehicle that meets the exactly requirements of your business.

Leasing does much more than lower the monthly cost of a vehicle. By comparing the benefits of leasing vehicles for your business versus purchasing them you will see added benefits such as tax savings, reduced maintenance costs and less waste.

The leasing vs. buying comparison chart below outlines the benefits of leasing. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

Lease Vs Buy

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  • Financial life equals useful life.
  • A leasing program provides the discipline to enforce standards and reduce vehicle acquisition costs and administrative costs.
  • Replacing leased vehicles is cost effective and simple.
  • A fleet leasing program eliminates excess.
  • Lessor assumes disposal responsibility, maximizing returns with automotive expertise.
  • Low monthly lease fee.
  • Leasing allows cash flow flexibility.
  • Vehicles are cycled under a carefully planned program, reducing maintenance expenses, improving corporate image and driver morale.
  • Off-balance sheet financing and creative financial structures.
  • Flexible.


  • Your company’s book value is often not in line with market value at time of disposal.
  • Vehicle diversity and lack of standards increase both vehicle acquisition costs and administrative cost.
  • Upgrading owned vehicles is capital intensive and cumbersome.
  • Purchasing intensifies vehicle fleet build-up.
  • Disposal of vehicles is time consuming, expensive, and lacks the application of automotive expertise.
  • Capital intensive.
  • High budgeting and forecasting costs.
  • Vehicles often retained beyond optimum life, resulting in higher maintenance costs and poor image, reducing driver morale.
  • Financing affects the bottom line.
  • Inflexible.